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The most important thing is to get started right

  • I have over 400 links for you with courses, materials, and tutorials on how to start programming in Ruby

Upgrade your code

  • I will discuss examples and practices of using various methods and objects in Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

You probably didn't know about some of them yet

The Ruby Company

I have prepared for you a database of companies for which Ruby and Ruby on Rails is the perfect tool for running a business and solving your own and clients' problems.

My goal is:

  • creating an extensive database of Ruby companies to show how diverse Ruby is used to build products
  • facilitating the search for an interesting job for programmers and Ruby programmers.

List of sources

  • I have gathered a list of over 600 blogs, Twitter, Linkedin, and Instagram accounts worth following.
    My favorite theme runs through all of these sources. Every now and then I will send you a few sources that are worth reading or watching. A list of my favorite blogs.


  • I would be happy to link to articles that interested me.

Courses, products, training, webinars

I will keep you informed about webinars, courses, pieces of training, and products I organize. You will also receive information about similar events organized in Poland and around the world. I want to be honest with you - some of this information will be of a marketing and sales nature.

The real Era of Ruby is yet to come

Don't miss out!

Ruby still remains the best programming language. For a long time it matured and gained strength. The real Ruby era is yet to come."

— Rafał Piekara,, creator of the Polish Ruby newsletter

Rafał Piekara, twórca newslettera